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 Décès de Jerry Doyle

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Joe Black
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Coffee Drinker

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MessageSujet: Décès de Jerry Doyle   Jeu 28 Juil 2016 - 23:03

Jerry Doyle, l'interprète de Michael Garibaldi dans la série télévisée Babylon 5, est décédé mercredi à l'âge de 60 ans.

Joseph Michael Straczynski a écrit:
When it came to politics, Jerry Doyle and I disagreed on, well, pretty much everything. Politically, Jerry was just to the right of Attila the Hun. There is a line in Babylon 5 where his character, Michael Garibaldi, suggests that the way to deal with crime is to go from electric chairs to electric bleachers.  That line is quintessential Jerry Doyle. I say this with confidence because I overheard him saying it at lunch then stole it for the show.
Despite our differences, when Jerry ran for congress as a Republican not long after Babylon 5 ended, I donated to his campaign. Not because I agreed with him, but because I respected him; because there was one area in which we agreed: the vital intersection between the arts of acting and storytelling. In that respect, Jerry was a consummate professional. Regardless of whatever was going on in his life, whether it was marital issues, a broken arm, forced couch-surfing with Bruce and Andreas or other problems, he never once pulled a prima donna on us; he showed up every day on time, knew his lines, and insisted that the guest cast live up to the standards of the main cast, to the point of roughing up one guest star who showed up not knowing his lines. Trust me when I say that after Jerry got done with him, every day he showed up, he knew his lines. And then some.
He was funny, and dangerous, and loyal, and a prankster, and a pain in the ass; he was gentle and cynical and hardened and insightful and sometimes as dense as a picket fence...and his passing is a profound loss to everyone who knew him, especially those of us who fought beside him in the trenches of Babylon 5. It is another loss in a string of losses that I cannot understand. Of the main cast, we have lost Richard Biggs, Michael O'Hare, Andreas Katsulas, Jeff Conaway, and now Jerry Doyle, and I'm goddamned tired of it.
So dear sweet universe, if you are paying attention in the vastness of interstellar space, take a moment from plotting the trajectory of comets and designing new DNA in farflung cosmos, and spare a thought for those who you have plucked so untimely from our ranks...and knock it off for a while.
Because this isn't fair.
And Jerry Doyle would be the first person to tell you that. Right before he put a fist in your face.  Which is what I imagine he's doing right now, on the other side of the veil.
J. Michael Straczynski
Executive Producer
Babylon 5

The truth is out there
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Pharaon Cosmique
Pharaon Cosmique

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MessageSujet: Re: Décès de Jerry Doyle   Jeu 28 Juil 2016 - 23:27

R.I.P. Il rejoint le panthéon des acteurs qu'on regrette même s'il n'était connu que pour son personnage de Garibaldi.

60ans, c'est jeune. On connait la cause de la mort ?
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MessageSujet: Re: Décès de Jerry Doyle   Ven 29 Juil 2016 - 12:02

Encore un des membres de Babylon 5 qui nous quitte. Cela devient une mauvaise habitude Crying or Very sad

Pour la cause de la mort, elle est encore inconnue, je crois qu'une autopsie est prévue.
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MessageSujet: Re: Décès de Jerry Doyle   Sam 30 Juil 2016 - 21:41

C'est triste, mis à part Claudia Christian et Bruce Boxleitner, il ne reste pratiquement aucuns acteur du commandement d'origine (Richard Biggs, Michael O'Hare) sans compté Andreas Katsulas et Jeff Conaway. C'est idiot, mais j'avais toujours espoir d'un téléfilm dans lequel on pourrait revoir des scènes Garibaldi/Sheridan..
Mes condoléances à la famille et ses amis, j'aurais aimé le voir joué ailleurs.
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MessageSujet: Re: Décès de Jerry Doyle   

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Décès de Jerry Doyle
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